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Les Borges Blanques

The Cal Gineret

The old Cal Gineret is a Center for Interpretation of the Democratic Civil War. It is an old mill,  converted into a museum. It offers its visitors an immersive experience thanks to audiovisual equipment, new mapping, blending, and warping technologies, that help recreate the first-witness story of a couple who lived in Les Borges in 1938. 

The mill (Molí de Cal Gineret) is one of the 60 that once existed in Borges Blanques, dating from the end of the 19th century. It had been used as one of the shelters where people could hide from the bombings during the Civil War. It was big enough for approximately one hundred people. Cal Gineret is a mill that opens to visitors  its original  preserved basement, and the oil tanks, and displays  existing barrel vaults.

To arrange a  visit, please call Town Hall 973 142 850.