Les Garrigues


Saint Catherine’s Fair

at the third weekend in November

Extra Virgin Olive Oil fair

At Saint Anthony Feast weekend, On January 17th

Firra – Beer fair


Cassola de Tros (casserole) Festival

Pasión Sunday

Olive Oil and Stone Fair

Extra Virgin Olive Oil fair and orelletes (dessert)


Olive Oil fair and handcrafted products


Holy week (Declavament)


Oleo Textile Fair

Saffron Rose Festival

First pressed. Oil, art and gastronomy

Heroic Fair. The party Agustina de Aragón

Celebration of the Clotxa




Mercat medieval del Duc

Recreació dels bombardejos de la guerra civil

Nit de foc dels Vilars

Nit a les pintures. Entre Rocs

Festival de música popular i tradicional catalana

Trobada de gegants, grallers i correfocs

Les Garrigues en Flor

Les Garrigues Guitar Festival

Festival Kalikenyo Rock

Fira Borges motor

Saint Sebastian Feast

January 20th

Rosary Local Festival

on the third Sunday of May

Summer Local Festival

at the last weekend in August

May festival

May 15th

Summer Festival

at the second weekend in August

Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian Feast

September 26th

Street market

every Sunday morning

Cultural conferences

throughout April

Aplec (gathering) at the Chapel

May 1st

Vila de Arbeca Sardana (Catalan dance) Festival

at the end of July

Local Festival

On Our Lady’s Day

Cicle de Música als Castells

Vila d’Arbeca Race

at the end of January or at the beginning of February

Saint Mark Local Festival

April 25th

Summer Local Festival

Last weekend of August.

Cabalgata dels tres tombs

on Saint Anthony’s Sunday morning, near Passeig del Terrall (avenue)

Local Festival

On the first Sunday in September (from Friday to Tuesday)

National Day and

On 11th Septembre


Usually one Sunday in June. In Passeig del Terrall (avenue)

Aplec (gathering) at Ermita de Sant Cristòfol (hermitage)

on July 10th (on Saturday). Vehicles blessing and organised activities all day

Cultural Weekends


Saint Sebastian Feast

On 20th January

Aplec (gathering) at Ermita de Sant Salvador (hermitage)

on August 6th. Outward journey on foot and morning Mass. Public holiday on Saturday with Mass, sardanes (Catalan dance) and lunch

Sardana (Catalan dance) Festival

Last Saturday of July. In Passeig del Terrall (avenue)

Cultural Week


Cultural Week

April or may


The previous Saturday afternoon and evening before Christmas Day. In Poliesportiu (sports complex) Francesc Macià

Bargains Flea Market

(since 1983). On the first Saturday in May.

Weekly street market

on Tuesday morning, since1336

Local Festival

Local Festivals are held on May 23rd and September 8th.

Retired people Festival

A special party for retired people is held on November 1st, All Saints’ Day.

Saint Anthony the Abbot’s Day

on January 17th. It is already an established tradition that during the Saint Day’s Mass, one family from the village treats everybody to coca (flat pie topped with sugar).

The Pig Slaughter Feast

Usually the pig slaughter feast is held in March, and the pork will be eaten by the neighbours and the visitors who go to the brotherhood lunch in the village square.

Aplec (gathering) at Ermita de la Verge de Montserrat (hermitage)

April 27th

Local Festival

It starts on the first Tuesday in September and it goes on until the following Saturday.

New Olive Oil Festival

The New Olive Oil Festival is held on December 8th, Immaculate Conception’s Day, when there is a popular breakfast and the village cooperatives and olive oil mills open their doors and show the visitors the olive oil making process.

Aplec de les Besses (gathering)

on Passion Sunday

Saint Isidore Local Festival

on May 15th

Saint Michael Local Festival

on September 29th

Local Festival

from 3rd to 5th in May

Winter Local Festival

at the first weekend in February.

Summer Local Festival

the first weekend after Our Lady’s Day.

The Pig Slaughter Feast

in March

Saint Blaise’s Day

On February 3rd, there is a popular lunch to celebrate Saint Blaise’s Day.

Cultural Week

During the Good Friday’s procession you can listen to the Miserere Mei in Latin, during the Holy Week they also hold the Cultural Week.

Summer Local Festival

at the third weekend in August.

Local Festival

the last weekend of August

Saint Antoni Feast

On 17th January, at Ermita de Sant Antoni Abat (hermitage), there is a floats parade that goes around the village.

Traditional Catalan Music Festival

second fortnight of August

Local Festival

On 14th September the village holds the Local Festival to honour Saint Christ.

Botifarra (Catalan cards game) Championship


Cultural Summer

July and August

Mercat medieval


The Pig Slaughter Feast


Local Festival

first weekend of October

Local Festival to honour Saint Isidore

15th May

Cultural Week

the first week of July

Local Festival

8th September

Popular walk to moonlight


Weekly street market

Thursday morning at Plaça de Catalunya

Cultural Spring

from March to June

La Cassola


Revetlla de Sant Joan

June 23th

Vila de Juneda Sardana (Catalan dance) Festival

first Sunday in July

Summer Ballroom

on Sundays in July and August

Open-air Nights

A prelude to the Local Festival (late August)

Local Festival

last weekend of August

Joan Duch Poetry Award


Music Festival

on Saint Cecily’s Day: November

Saint Sebastian’s Day

On 20th January they celebrate Saint Sebastian’s Day.

Local Festival

The Local Festival is on 29th September, on Saint Michael’s Day.

Summer Local Festival

the previous weekend to the Feast of Mary’s Assumption.

Winter Local Festival

the previous or following weekend to 22nd November, La Jonquera Virgin’s Day. Every four or five years the history/religious work Ombres i Clarors de la Pobla de Cérvoles is performed inside the temple.

The Pig Slaughter Feast

February – March

Cultural Week


Local Festival

the last weekend of July

Saint Domenicus Feast

Saint Domenicus Feast is on 4th August. After the Mass, the traditional blessed coca (flat pie topped with sugar) is handed out.

Local Festival

The Local Festival is held on 15th August, the feast of the village’s patroness.

Autumn Festival


Summer festival

The summer festival is held on the Feast of Mary’s Assumption.

Local Festival

on the first Saturday in May.

Saint Anthony’s Day

on 17th January.

Saint Joseph’s Day

on 19th March.

Cultural Week

the last week of June.

Aplec de Sant Miquel de la Tosca (gathering)


Bobbin Lacemakers Meeting


The Pig Slaughter Feast

March- April

Saint Sebastian Feast

January 20th

Local Festival

third Sunday in August.

Summer Local Festival

the last weekend in August.

Olive Oil Festival


Music fair in the street


The Pig Slaughter Feast


Trobada d’Armats (gathering)


Cultural Week

August. Before Local Festival.

Cicle de Música als Castells

Fire in the night in Vilars

Saint Antoni Feast

On 17th January

National Day and paellas

On 11th Septembre

Cursa d’orientació i Rogaining

On January

Cultural Week

First week of August.

Trobada de gegants i capgrossos (Meeting of giants)


Olive Oil Festival


Extra Virgin Olive Oil fair




The Pig Slaughter Feast


The Pig Slaughter Feast


Street market on Saturday

On Saturday morning

Olive Oil Festival


Joseph’s Day

On 19th March

Music in the castle



Sunday Easter

Aplec de la Mare de Déu de les Garrigues


Festa Major (Festival) on May, 15

There are two Festa Major in Tarrés. One is celebrated on  the 15th May.

Aplec de Sant Bonifaci (Gathering)

The first Sunday in May, with Sardanes (typical Catalan dance), a Mass and paella for everybody.

Spring Festival

the last weekend in April.