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La Pobla de Cérvoles

Església de la Mare de Déu de la Jonquera (Church of Our Lady of La Jonquera)

The church was built in 1728 on the remains of a Romanesque church. Inside it, in the shrine above the altar, we find the Mother of God of la Jonquera (Virgin), the patroness of the village. Admire the Baroque organ, built by Anton Cases in about 1752, with an exquisite polychromy, and completely restored later by Wilfried Praet. Throughout the year, the exquisite organ music  accompanies lithurgic songs. In summer, concerts are performed by well-known organ players as a part of a programme of organ concerts of Catalonia.

You can also see the mural paintings at the main altar, dating back to 2000. It is  a daring mural work by Lleida's famous painter Victor P. Pallarés, replacing the magnificent unfortunately destroyed Baroque altarpiece.