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Les Borges Blanques

Espai Macià

The Macià's Space (L’Espai Macià) is the interpretation centre  of the figure of Francesc Macià, located in the Borges Blanques. At L'Espai Macià, the documentary, graphic, audiovisual and sentimental heritage linked to the first president of the contemporary Generalitat is shown, shared, recovered, preserved and disseminated. This center opened on April 14, 2011, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the proclamation of the Catalan Republic. Since then it has had a stable program of cultural activities, conferences, debates and events. The visitor will be able to learn about the heritage of the Garrigues, the link of Francesc Macià with the region and the Borges, its people and its quality products.

Opening hours:

Tuesday: 11.00-13.00, Wednesday  17.00-20.00, Thursday  17.00-20.00, Friday   11.00-13.00, 17.00-20.00, Saturday  10.00-14.00, 17.00-20.00, Sundays and holidays 10.00-14.00.

Plaça Ramon Arques, 5
Les Borges Blanques
Tel. 973 14 08 74