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The Castle Ruins

On top of a hill there are ancient remains of  the powerful Ducs (Dukes) de Cardona's Castle. This castle originated as an Arabian fortress, and was conquered in the middle of the 12th century. The village was built around the castle,  in order to be protected by it.

In the 18th century the castle was owned by Duc (Duke) de Medinacelli. In the 20th century, right in the middle of the historic-artistic enclosure a school was built, incorporating the remains of the castle wall and a part of one tower.  The surrounding area has been filled with vegetation.

Guided tours of the old town and the Castle take place on Sundays and public holidays at 10 am. Meeting point is at the  Arbeca tourist office.

Price: 5 euros and 2 euros for groups.

For information please ring: 973 16 00 08 (Town Hall) and 973 16 01 82 (farm shop-tourist office).