Situated on the Set River and with 690 inhabitants, Cervià de les Garrigues has a vast forest with pines and weeds.

Its highlights are the Sant Miquel Arcàngel parish church, whose classical façade is crowned with a triangular pediment and a small rose window, as well as the Town Hall, totally built of stone in the Modernist style by the architect Morera i Gatell.

Around the town you can find the old village called Les Besses, which preserves part of the ancient feudal castle, village houses and an ancient mill. Santa Maria church, restored in 1973, is an interesting building which has stylistic features showing the transition from Romanesque to Gothic; every year on Whit Sunday it hosts a popular pilgrimage. This region has several areas set up for rock-climbing.

The township is also the home to the old Valldefaigs stable and the ghost town of Vallxeca.