El Soleràs combines crop and livestock farming, primarily olive and almond trees, with free-range fowl and cattle and swine. Inhabited by 340 people, it has two unique buildings: Santa Maria parish church (a 3-nave neoclassical building which dates back to 1805 with an octagonal belltower and twelve altars) and the Rural Cooperative and oil mill (a Modernist building by Cèsar Martinell). Visits are available from November to January, when the oil is being made.

Near Els Plans hill, there is a recreational area with three hermitages: the Sagrat Cor de Maria, Mare de Déu de Lourdes cave and Mare de Déu de Montserrat hermitage.

The morning and evening processions during Easter Week are quite popular, when Els Armats del Soleras and children dressed like Biblical figures parade around town.