Els Torms

The village Els Torms, with 149 inhabitants (2022), is located on a hill in the Major valley, at 476 meters above sea level. The terrain of a village is uneven, managed by the construction of ridges and terraces where crops are spread. Its main economic activity is agriculture, focused on the cultivation of almond trees and, above all, olive trees for the production of excellent quality olive oil. Here also produce honey, jams, olive oil, etc...

Els Torms's architecture is full of history. In the old town there is the Plaça Major that originated in middle ages. The Parish Church of Sant Joan Baptista, a 17th-century Baroque work has a richly sculpted portal and a three-part octagonal bell tower completing a dome.

In the lower part of the hill we find a modern Gran Casal (1962) and the Joan Benet i Petit school. This school was one of the four built by the Commonwealth of Catalonia (1916).

The Festa Major is celebrated on the first Saturday in May on the holidays of Saint Anthony, Saint Joseph and Saint John the Baptist.