La Floresta, with 147 inhabitants, is clustered around Vinaixa stream and has historically been associated with its castle, a building listed as an asset of national cultural interest. It combines artistic styles from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque and is the mark left over the centuries by the noble houses of the Dukes of Cardona, Pallars and Medinacelli. Its features include wonderful coffered wooden ceilings. Next to the castle is the parish church dedicated to Sant Blai.

The Pou de Gel (ice well), a stone construction from the 14th century, helped conserve food thanks to the snow collected there. The stonework gallery exhibits the relationship between the town of La Floresta and this natural resource with a display of the old tools and works bequeathed by the master stonemason Felip Martin.

Edith Schaar’s art gallery in the castle displays paintings and tapestries by this internationally renowned German artist with a long, distinguished international career.

You can walk to the dry-stone huts, a unique local architectural feature, along with the water canals and the former town of Castellots.