La Granadella

The Descent from the Cross. Good Friday

This celebration has a long heritage and includes rituals of national interest

First press. Oil, art and gastronomy

Oil, Art and Gastronomy is the motto of this participative meeting that aims to create, with the help of unique artists, Large Format Prints, pressed with a giant flattener.


Reenactment of the bombings of the Civil War

La Granadella relives the Francoist occupation and the bombings of the town, suffered during the Civil War. It is about the recreation of episodes that happened in December 1938

Festival of Traditional and Popular Catalan Music

La Granadella becomes the capital of Catalan folk music. Emerging groups  within the Catalan music scene revive the heritage with the help of traditional music repertoire and Catalan musical instruments

Festival of Saint Anthony

On  January 17, the Quintos Festival is celebrated at Ermita de Sant Antoni Abat (hermitage). All the residents of the village and visitors are invited to a llonganissa (sausage).  A procession of floats goes around the village.

Traditional Catalan Music Festival

second half of August

Festa Major (Local Festival)

September 14, the Local Festival dedicated to  Saint Christ