La Pobla de Cérvoles

La Pobla de Cérvoles has 209 inhabitants (2022). It is a mountain village at the feet of the Serra de Llena mountain range.

Besides magnificent nature there are quite a few interesting sights in the village.  You could admire the avant-garde murals by Víctor P. Pallarés and a fully-restored Baroque organ (1752) in the 18th century church of Mare de Déu de la Jonquera.

The 17th-century hermitage of Sant Miquel is home to the Sant Miquel altarpiece, a reproduction of the original by Bernat Martorell.

 The Town Hall and the Ecomuseum of Oil are located on the premises of a former old mill L’antic Molí de la Societ, worth visiting. It was built in 1870 and  oil was produced there until 1930 with the help of  two mills and four beam presses, of which one is still preserved.

In front of the building there is  a monument to Josep Espasa i Anguera, son of the town and founder of the Encyclopedia that bears his name. Within the village there is a field school and several tourist accommodations. 3 km away is the Garrigues Arboretum Dr. Barbera.  The Summer Festival is held there on the Saturday before August 15. The winter festival  is on November 21st, the feast of Our Lady of La Jonquera, and ends on the 22nd with Besamà.