Les Borges Blanques

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair

Saint Anthony Feast weekend, January 17th

Firra- The Artisan Beer fair

Competition that brings together producers and distributors and includes  workshops and  activities  for adults and children, as well as beer stands and tastings. 


Meeting of giants, grallers and correfocs

Declared a Popular Festival of Cultural Interest and a Festive Heritage of Catalonia. SEPTEMBER

Borges motor fair

The Town Council of Les Borges Blanques organizes the Borges Motor Fair with the aim of promoting and revitalizing the town's automotive and agricultural machinery industry. 



The  Saturday afternoon and Christmas Eve. In Poliesportiu (sports complex) Francesc Macià

Weekly Street Market

every Tuesday morning since  1336

Aplec (gathering) at Ermita de Sant Cristòfol (hermitage)

on July 10th (a Saturday closest in time). Vehicles are blessed and activities organized throughout all day

Street Market on Saturday

Saturday mornings

Cavalcade of the three tombs

On the Saint Anthony’s Sunday morning, near Passeig del Terrall (avenue)

The Paella Competition

One Sunday in June (to be specified). In Passeig del Terrall (avenue)

Sardana (Catalan dance) Festival

Last Saturday of July. In Passeig del Terrall (avenue)

Festa Major (Local Festival)

the first Sunday in September (from Friday untill Tuesday)

Bargains Flea Market

on the first Saturday in May, since 1983 (excluding holidays)

Aplec (gathering) at Ermita de Sant Salvador (hermitage)

On August 6 take a  walk to the Hermitage and have a  morning Mass there. On Saturday there are also sardanes (Catalan dance) and lunch. It is a public holiday