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Cervià de les Garrigues

El camí dels set sentits (The path of the seven senses)

4 km d’anada i tornada
The route starts at the crossing of the Albi road towards La Pobla de Cérvoles and ends at the Frare aqueduct, on the banks of the Set river. The distance from the first sculpture at the beginning of the route to the aqueduct is 2.5 kilometers. During the journey you will be able to discover the works of Marta Pruna.
A tour through the landscape of Les Garrigues to enjoy nature and art. Marta Pruna's sculptures are born from the dialogue between space and time. In this route of smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight, intuition and reflection, a series of artistic creations surrounded by nature will open up to us. To perceive and enjoy them we need all our senses, which may be more than seven, according to the latest scientific discoveries. But it will be the seventh sense, that of Reflection, which will perhaps help us to open our minds and to live in all its depth the journey that we have just begun, the path of the seven senses, the path of the river Set, the path of intuition and reflection... A path that transports us to a whole world of smells and tastings, of sensations, which we could not only perceive with touch, hearing or sight in all their intensity. That is why Marta Pruna wants to invite us to enter the path of art, the path of the most creative intuitive language, the path that travels between the tangible and the intangible.