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Ermita de Sant Bonifaci (Sanctuary of Saint Bonifaci)

6,3 km
0 km The route begins when you enter Vinaixa from the side, where the swimming pools are. You have take  the road on the left before you reach the pools. The pools will be to your right. Keep following this road, as it  skirts the village. Always stay on the main road. 
 0.5 km Pass under the national highway bridge. Continue along the main road. 

1.1 km There will be another turning, but you have to continue straight on. You will see a train track in the distance. 

1.5 km You reach a crossroads, with a railway bridge on the right. There is a field of vine.  Turn  left along the vineyards.
1.9 km When you come to a fork in the road, turn left. 

2 km The road splits; take the path on the right.

3.1 km The road branches out again, you have to continue on the main road.

4.1 km There is another footpath but  continue on the main road, keeping to the left.

4.8 km You will see a fork in the road and a stone cabin ahead. Take the road on the left. 

5 km You will reach another path; pull to the right. 

6.2 km Following along some farmhouses you will reach another path, pull to the left.
6.3 km You will have arrived at the Ermita de Sant Bonifaci. 

To return to Vinaixa, you can go back the same way you came.
 Alternatively at the 6.2 km junction, instead of going left, where the sanctuary is, go right and you will arrive at La Pista de l'Irida (a path) that connects Vinaixa to  Omellons, the L'Espluga Calba... Having left this junction in 500 meters you will pass under the railway bridge. In 200 meters you will find La pista de l'Irida ( path). If you turn right, you will return to Vinaixa (6.6 km). Before you reach Vinaixa you will find the national road bridge.  Pass this bridge, you will approach  three paths: if you choose the path on the left, it will take you to the edge of Vinaixa, in front of the gas station. The other two roads lead to the middle of the town.