L'Espluga Calba

Mountain bike circuit

9,3 km
0 km. The route starts on the street close to the swimming pool. Pass in front of the swings. At the end of Plaça del Pou take the right turn.

0.2 km. You come to a crossroads, take the paved road on the left.

0.7 km. You come to another crossroads, take the road on the right.

1.5 km. The road will branch out, but keep going straight. Always follow the main road.

2.6 km. You arrive at a new path, pull to the right.

2.9 km. There's a fork in the road, take the descending road on the right.

3.5 km. You pass a hut with a vaulted roof; keep following the road.

3.6 km. You reach a new path, pull to the right.

5.3 km. You reach another path. (If you turn left, in 300 meters you arrive at  the source Font del Mas Blanc.  If you continue to the right you return to the L'Espluga Calba). There will be more paths, but keep following the main road.

7.1 km. You will reach another path; pull to the right.

7.5. km You arrive at the point where the opposite routes separate, keep going straight.

9,3 km. You have arrived at the village.