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Cervià de les Garrigues

Poblat de les Besses ( The Town of Less Besses)

3,6 km
0 km. The route starts on the path that leads to Albagés (at the entrance to Cervià via Les Borges Blanques, on the right). If you follow the main road you will get there without any difficulty.

3.4 km. The path splits into two: the first one goes down and leads to a picnic area and the River Set; the other path ascends (goes uphill) and is the one you have to take to go to the Hermitage.

3.5 km. Continuing on the ascending path, you must take the first footpath on the right. From there you can already see the Ermita, which is a little higher up.

3.6 km. Follow the path to reach the Hermitage.