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Castelldans, L'Albi, Les Borges Blanques, Vinaixa

Ruta de les cabanes de volta (Route of the huts with vaulted roofs)

De 2 km a 55 km
Les Garrigues is a region with a rich heritage, that is especially visible in the local architecture of old drystone buildings. One such striking  example and the most emblematic construction of Les Garrigues is the hut with a vaulted roof. In an inventory, prepared by Josep Preixens, more than a thousand huts with nine different roof styles have been catalogued. People lived in these huts during the time of picking olives, plowing and pruning.

This route includes the terrains of Borges Blanques, Castelldans, L'Albi and Vinaixa.  There are nine huts, a reservoir, a pond and a cistern. When it comes to roof styles, five huts have the barrel vault, the predominant roof construction (82%) in the region. Other types of roofs  are: pointed vault, false dome, roof of slabs and roof of joists and slabs.