What to do


Fulleda, Tarrés


7,8 km
0 km The route starts when you enter Tarrés  on the road  coming  from the N-II. Before you enter the town there is a path on the left, right in front of a small hill with a monument of Christ on the Cross on it.

0.3 km There is a fork in the road. You must take the ascending path.

0.6 km There is a crossroads. You must choose the middle path.

0.9 km There is a fork in the path. Take the path on the left.

1.1 km There is another fork in the road. (The ascending path will take you to the Freda fountain in 1,600 meters, and the road on the right, to Fulleda.) Continue along the road on the right.

1.9 km (There is a road that branches out to the left and in 800 meters arrives at Freda spring). Continue straight.

3.7 km There is another crossroads: the path on the left goes to Tarrés and Fulleda passing by the Marieta spring. To go to Fulleda, however, the path on the right is faster.

5.1 km Take the path on the right (you will pass the source Font del Salat.)

6 km You arrive at Font del Salat. Follow the path.

6.4 km You come out onto a new road. Turn right.

7.8 km You will have reached a highway. The road on the right leads to Tarrés, and on the left towards Fulleda.