Juneda, Les Borges Blanques

Ruta del Canal (The Channel Route)

18 km
One can start this circular route either in Juneda or in Les Borges Blanques. If you leave from Juneda,  take the road along the  4th ditch, the main one of the Canal d'Urgell. First you encounter a Salt Desfetter grove on the way.  Following it along you find the 1st Machine (mainly a turbine that was used to make electricity). If you go along  the ditch in the direction opposite to the water flow you reach the 2nd Machine. Both the first and the second machines only have the turbines, the buildings, housing them have been demolished. Following the path you  reach the Neu Salts ( 9 Cascades of Urgell Canal). Currently there is a small power plant and a rest area.
Keeping to  the towpath (a path bordering a canal) you arrive at Canal d'Urgell. If you go  further up this channel you find the Collet area, a place filled with trees and a mini power station to generate electricity. You return to Borges Blanques, and from this place you start the southern section of the route, which lies on the boundary between the irrigated and dryland areas creating a great contrast in the landscape. Without deviating from the bank of the canal you  reach the Casella del Tei ( a house, where a canal man used to live). Here, please, leave the canal bank to take the Miravall path, leading to the town of Juneda, where the route ends.