El Vilosell

El Vilosell is a municipality in the Set river valley, close to the Llena mountain range. It has a population of 195 inhabitants (2022), but the count of people increases considerably during the summer.

The town's medieval urban part, with its cobbled streets and corners make it one of the most charming towns in the region. There are still some remains of the old castle. The Parish Church of Santa Maria is also a precious example of the local history. It maintains Baroque style but has Romanesque foundations and other details. It is a single nave construction that houses the Santíssimo chapel and the baptistery.

In the square you find a Gothic stone cross from the 14th century in front of the Ermita de Sant Sebastià, built in the 16th century. This sanctuary is carried out in Renaissance style, quite austere though, without any ornaments. Taking a 15 min bicycle ride from here (via LP-7013) you discover another ermita in baroque style  dedicated to Sant Miquel de la Tosca. It is located in a truly magnificent place called les Fontetes, an area of natural and landscape interest. 
The Festa Major is the third Sunday of August. The gathering of Sant Miquel de la Tosca is held in Vilosell on the second Saturday of May.