Fulleda, a village of 98 inhabitants (2022), is wrapped around a hill, with remnants of what once used to be a castle or, possibly, a tower, a fortress of the municipality. What makes the village special is that its stone houses and  narrow streets are layed out in a radial form, almost all leading to the square.

The Parish Church of Santa Maria dates from the 14th century. It has a clear Cistercian impact, visible in the barrel-vaulted nave and the old portal. Its bell tower and a facade with baroque and neoclassical elements, added in the 18th century, and an elegant stone portal, are beautiful.

Fulleda also hosts other distinctive sights, such as the monument to Agustina d’Aragó, heroine of the French War, whose parents were  from Fulleda. In September, the Fira Heroica, the festival dedicated to Augustine, is held here. The Racó del Bolet memorial is a space of  Historical Memory of the victims of the Civil War. It commemorates the events of February 12, 1939, when five children, aged between 12 and 16, died  due to the explosion of a bomb container abandoned during the war.

Other interesting places to visit are the Old Oil Mill Museum and the winery, both visits are included in the oil tourism experience, offered by Fulleda. There are various paths around the countryside, so ramblers can enjoy  the scenery and trail walking. The Viewpoints and Fountains Route runs through pine and oak forests, valleys and plains,  and orchards of almond trees, olive trees, grain fields and vineyards, various fountains and spots with panoramic views.

In March, the Heroic March takes place in  the area, and the participants get acquainted with the landscape and the territory of Fulleda. The cultural week is held on the last weekend of July and the Festa Major on the last weekend of August.