Vines, almond trees and olive trees, followed by cereals, are the main crops in the economical agricultural world of the inhabitants in Fulleda.

With 87 inhabitants, the village spreads around Torre, the old fortress of the area.

Having narrow streets leading to the square as well as stone houses and cellars as special characteristics.

Fulleda boasts Església de Santa Maria (church), a rectangular Romanesque temple with a single nave covered with a pointed vault which stands above a cornice with simple decoration and with a two-eyed belfry. This plain rural church without any kind of decoration was strongly influenced by Cistercian art and it should be understood as an example of the late official 12th century style, when pointed arches were already used in Catalunya’s religious architecture. The Cistercian influence is clear in the remains of the old archway and the nave.

Moreover, Fulleda has a monument to Agustina Saragossa i Domènech, as a memorial to the Spanish Independence War heroine known as Agustina d’Aragó, who, though born in Barcelona, can be considered to be from Fulleda, because her parents, her ancestors and seven of her brothers and sisters were born in Fulleda.

In 1986, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of her birth, the village of Fulleda built this monument in her honour.