Fulleda has many forests of pine trees, oak trees and holm trees, as well as plains studded with almond and olive trees, whereas vineyards and grains are found in the moister valleys, ideal places for hiking and mountain biking (GR3).

With 103 inhabitants, the village wraps around the tower, the region’s old fortress.

With its narrow streets leading to the square and its hallmark stone houses and cellars, the village of Fulleda also features the Romanesque-style Santa Maria parish church, which dates back to the 13th century. In the 18th century, an elegant stone archway was added, and the façade still preserves Baroque and Neoclassical features.

Fulleda also has a monument to Agustina d’Aragó, a much loved heroine because her ancestors were born in this village. The old oil mill and wine cella r can also be visited, and both are included within the olive oil tourism experience that Fulleda offers.