L’Espluga Calba

L’Espluga Calba, with 331 inhabitants (2022), is located in Matallonga and Cortals valleys. The  peculiarity of the village is that its hilly terrain stretches atop various caves, covered with stone slabs. Nowadays, these caves are used as cellars thanks to the suitable temperatures inside.

At the heart of the village, there is a majestic stone castle in Catalan Gothic style from the 13th century. It houses a museum with an exhibition room, an assembly hall for meetings, conferences, and civil weddings. There is a possibility of guided tours.

The 18th-century parish church features frescoes by the painter Minguell. Its Santíssim chapel is beautifully painted and commemorates the eight Beatitudes. There is an image of  Immaculate conception on the facade; and the sun and the moon feature on the sides of the main entrance door.

Festa Major is held here on the first weekend of February and the third weekend of August. At the beginning of spring (towards the end of March) the Pig Slaughter Festival is celebrated.