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Cave paintings of the Vall de la Coma

4,7 km
0 km. The route starts when you exit Albi in the direction of Cervià. You have to take the first exit after you enter motorway. There is a large traffic sign right opposite on the other side of this road.

0.3 km. There is a  fork in the road. Take the path on the right.

1.6 km. Follow the main road, and you will follow a section parallel to the highway. You will arrive at a crossroads. You have to keep on straight. 

2 km. There´s a fork in the road. Take the road below.

2.5 km. You will pass under the freeway bridge. Continue straight.

3.5 km. There´s a path on the right. Take this path.

4.2 km. Follow the path and you will reach a fork in the road. Take the ascending path.

4.5 km. You will reach a small esplanade where the path ends and then continues next to a half-demolished hut with a vaulted ceiling. Follow this path. On the right hand side above you will see the fence that surrounds the rock where the paintings are.

4.6 km. You will find a footpath on the right. Go up a small slope.

4.7 km. The entrance to the paintings will be on your left.

The paintings are surrounded by a fence. You must contact the Town Hall to access them.  (Tel. 973 17 50 04)