What to do



Juneda – Neu Salts del canal d’Urgell (Nine Cascades of Urgell Canal)

3,7 km
0 km The route starts at the Canal d'Urgell bridge in front of the swimming pools. Looking at the pools, take the path on the right. The entire route you have to  follow the course of the Urgell canal.

1 km You will reach the canal´s mechanical waterfall. Here you can follow the upper path, if you want to go along the edge of the canal, or the lower path.

1.2 km There will be a bridge on the right hand side but you must continue straight.

2.3 km You will reach the water cascade, produced  by the 2nd machine. You must take the path on the right, which runs parallel to the canal.

3.7 km Continuing along the side of the canal, you will reach the Neu Salts.

If you want to go towards Les Borges Blanques, note that the signs are placed from Borges Blanques to the  Salts and not the other way around.