What to do


Les Borges Blanques

Nou Salts (9 Cascades of Urgell Canal) Les Borges Blanques

2,9 km
0 km. The route starts, when you leave Les Borges Blanques in the direction of Arbeca, having passed the canal bridge on the left, before reaching the train track.

0.8 km. You come to a crossroads, there is a bridge on your left. You have to take a right turn. Continue on the main road all the way.

1.5 km. Please go over the bridge above the train tracks.

2.3 km. The road splits into two fork paths, with a water well in the middle. Please take the path on the right.

2.9 km. You will reach the bridge, from where you can see the waterfalls of the Canal d'Urgell.

If you want to go to Juneda, please note that the signs are placed from Juneda to Nou Salts, and not the other way around.