What to do


La Pobla de Cérvoles

Serra de la Llena per les Marradetes

2,3 km
0 km The route starts at the end of Carrer de Vilanova in la Pobla de Cérvoles.

0.2 km There´s a gray building  on the left. Once you have left the building behind, go straight on.

0.3 km There is another path on the left, but you must continue straight.

0.5 km There is another road on the left and you must continue straight.

1 km You approach a recreation area. Go to the edge of the area and go up to find the path above.

1.3 km (There is a large rock on the right hand side of the path; two meters later, there is a smaller one  also on the right.) On the left hand side there is a path that you must follow. Go up the mountain.

2.3 km In half an hour you will reach some large rocks, from the top of which you have an impressive panorama. You will find yourself at an altitude of 800 meters.