Els Omellons

Els Omellons has 198 inhabitants (2022). It  is rich in quarries  of outstanding quality stone  and has an associated stone industry. Wheat, olive  and almond trees are also grown there.

ln the centre of the village is a beautiful 18th-century church of Sant Miquel, built in the 18th century, with an austere neoclassical facade.

On the way to the old bridge you will find Casa Llorach. It is  a private house built in 1770 on the site of two old mills, one for olives and the other for flour. The main entrance of the building is decorated with ornate details and has a distinctive wrought-iron main door.

The new bridge on the road leading to the village was built in 2000, it bears the two coats-of-arms of the Lleida Provincial Council.

There are several wine cellars belonging to private owners in the village. In addition, you can visit the remains of old mills scattered throughout the municipality and practice hunting within the permitted area.

The summer Festa Major is on the Day of Sant Miquel and the winter Festa Major is on the day of Sant Sebastià.