Many of its only 158 inhabitants mainly grow olive and almond trees. Its land area is 20 sq km.

The village preserves many sites with medieval characteristics, like narrow streets and some stone houses.

Both the old and the new churches were built in two periods of prosperity, the repopulation period and the olive tree spread one. 18th-century Església de Sant Miquel (church) boasts a beautiful Baroque façade and a Neoclassical inner nave. There is still the old church, where the simple late Romanesque façade stands out.

Not very far from the village we find Ermita de la Mare de Déu del Roser (hermitage).

Some of the remarkable attractions in the village area are Roca Barrull (rock), some stone huts with an arched roof, a stone basin, a Romanesque fountain and an olive oil mill from 1857.